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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency roundup: 23 March 2018


What’s going down in cryptocurrency

Binance on Mac, Binance in/out of Japan, Wanchain’s horse race, anada’s crypto bounce, and IBM bigs up Stellar giant time.

1. Binance listings on Apple.

The hotly anticipated Binance OSX desktop has arrived, a lot to the relaxation of everybody who was once looking forward to it and the possible indifference of maximum others.

2. Binance record wanly.

Binance is listing to the side in Japan, weighed down by “irresponsible journalism” and local authorities.

three. Binance lists Wan.

Binance has listed Wanchain. It was once probably the most hotly expected ICOs of its day (Monday to Sunday was once its day), and now it is hit the open markets. Can it reside as much as the anticipation?

four. Pretty excellent, eh.

One small step for bitcoin and Ethereum, one large bounce for cryptocurrency.

The first major major stock exchange in the world to set up its own crypto trading desk is TMX Group of Canada.

five. Where did that come from?

Know when a movie skips, and then the next scenes all rush forwards to go away you status at some point?

That was the effect of IBM’s immense disclosure regarding its plans for Stellar Lumens.

6. Gimmer a touch.

Where’s it going?


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