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Bill Gates Backs A Company That Doubles the Shelf Life of Vegetables

Slashdot reader pgmrdlm shared this text from CNN Business:
One corporate is doubling the shelf-life of avocados, citrus and different produce by means of taking a chemical-free cue from nature…. After researching the factor, Apeel CEO James Rogers learned spoilage was once at the root of the drawback. In 2012, he based Apeel Sciences, which targets to increase the shelf-life of meals and cut back waste. Rather than depending on chemical brokers to keep contemporary produce, it develops a special protective coating to slow down the rotting process. The corporate is subsidized by means of Micorosoft cofounder Bill Gates and challenge capitalist Andressen Horowitz, and has raised $110 million greenbacks in financing to this point. Walter Robb, the former co-CEO of Whole Foods, lately joined its board of administrators….

Food normally rots when moisture exits, oxygen will get in and mould takes over. To save you this, Apeel takes the skins, seeds and pulp of homogeneous culmination or veggies — comparable to grapes from a vineyard or tomato skins from a ketchup issue — and presses out an oil wealthy in fats lipids. The corporate turns the oil into a drab, odorless, tasteless powder this is adapted for each and every sort of produce to which it’ll be implemented. It’s then blended with water by means of the providers earlier than it arrives at the retailer. The produce is both rinsed in or sprayed with the aggregate at packaging amenities, necessarily making a 2nd “peel”…

Apeel says the procedure is doubling the shelf lifestyles of vegetables and fruit and will triple it within their lab. It targets to increase the lifestyles of some produce by means of 4 occasions.

The article issues out that just about a thousand billion greenbacks of meals nonetheless is going to waste each and every yr round the globe — and a minimum of one retailer checking out Apeel’s product has already reported a 50% spice up of their income on avocados because of the longer shelf lifestyles.

The FDA acknowledges Apeel’s product as protected, and it is already being utilized in greater than 200 grocery-selling shops in the U.S., together with Costco and Kroger.

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