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Beauty product of the week: Tarte So Fine Micro Liner

Beauty product of the week: Tarte So Fine Micro Liner

This super-fine liner is the method to such a lot of eyeliner issues.

Why we adore this product

Do you’ve hooded eyes? Unsteady fingers? Oily eyelids? This eyeliner is the method to all the ones perceived issues and extra. I in my view occur to be a sufferer of the trifecta. Horribly wobbly fingers, oily eyelids that few eyeshadows grasp onto and hooded eyes with an excessively heavy higher lid. If you know even one of those problems, you can know why I simply do not hassle with eyeliner maximum of the time. If I do, I simply finally end up smudged and really, very past due to anyplace I am heading out to.

But Tarte’s So Fine Micro Liner has given me new hope. It’s section of the Rainforest of the Sea assortment, which is complete of fascinating and leading edge merchandise. To be transparent, I in truth purchased this product – it did not are available a press package. I hadn’t heard the rest about it, I used to be simply stocking up on a couple of Tarte bits and items and made up our minds to throw that during my cart too – how serendipitous!

When Tarte says “Micro Liner” they do imply it. The very tip of this liner is set the width of a hair. If you slightly contact and flow the liner for your pores and skin, it’s going to produce the best of fantastic strains. If you press more difficult the line gets thicker, if that is what you favor. I have attempted “fine” eyeliners sooner than however that is in actuality the thinnest one I have observed. So it is best possible for unsteady fingers. If you are making a mistake, it is so small that it is simply coated with eyeshadow.

This additionally makes it a very good choice for the ones with hooded eyes like myself. When my eyes are open I simplest have the tiniest strip of visual lid, so if I am going to check out dressed in eyeliner, the line must be in point of fact, in point of fact skinny. And this liner is undoubtedly skinny sufficient that I will simply break out with dressed in liner on the best of my eyes. It’s additionally nice for crafting the thought flick. I do not get started my flick till after the crease of my lids – a little bit hooded eyes trick! – as a result of the crease will consume your flick if you do not. And this method is made such a lot much less difficult by way of Tarte’s liner.

The different wonderful function, as soon as this liner in on, it does not transfer. You have to peer it to imagine it. When checking out it out, I drew a pair of strains on my fingers and after they had been dry, no quantity of rubbing smudged that liner. As I write this, I am these days seeking to rub extra take a look at strains off my hand without a luck. This is any other godsend for hooded eyes and oily eyelids. You can safely practice this, have it keep all day and now not fear that the liner has switch or smudge onto your higher lid.

In quick, Tarte’s So Fine Micro Liner is the method to all different liner issues. You would possibly not be apologetic about purchasing it.


Tarte’s Micro Liner is priced at $30. This is most certainly a little costlier than merchandise you can to find in a pharmacy, however it is a slightly usual value for eyeliners at most shops.

So when and the place are you able to purchase it?

You can store the vary of Tarte Cosmetics merchandise at Sephora or you’ll be able to bounce on-line to the Tarte Cosmetics web site and store there – make certain to try all our current Tarte discounts first!

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Image: tartecosmetics.com

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