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At Stoneman Douglas High School, cell phone videos take us inside a massacre

Witnesses remember horrific school shooting

The terrifying videos from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School position audience proper inside the bloodied study rooms and hallways of the varsity. We can pay attention the gunshots and the cries for assist. We can see the our bodies at the flooring.

That’s what’s other about this episode of mass homicide.

So a lot of the protection from Parkland, Florida is numbingly very similar to Columbine, Virginia Tech, and a large number of different capturing websites. We’re all too familiar with seeing videos of scholars fleeing campus; interviews with eyewitnesses; reunions with oldsters.

But we are not used to being transported to the crime scene throughout the cell phone cameras of the sufferers. This is new and blood-curdling.

In one video clip, we see that some scholars needed to stroll by means of a number of dead our bodies whilst being evacuated from the development.

In some other clip, we pay attention gunshots and screams, then extra gunshots, extra screams.

Perhaps those up-close perspectives — throughout the eyes of the sufferers — will power Americans to look those shootings in a new means. Perhaps.

CNN and different tv networks confirmed a video that a scholar took from the ground of his school room, shooting the sound of the gunfire. Anchors warned audience prematurely that the content material used to be worrying.

“This is what kids and their teachers went through. This is how it looked, how it sounded and how it felt for them,” Savannah Guthrie mentioned on NBC’s “Today” display Thursday morning.

After the clip aired on “Today,” co-host Hoda Kotb mentioned, “there’s something about seeing that video that puts you exactly where those kids were.”

There had been identical videos from the live performance in Las Vegas, Nevada the place 58 other folks had been murdered remaining October. Concertgoers who had been filming the display captured the gunfire and the chaos that adopted.

But that is nonetheless a quite new construction in the way in which that individuals jointly procedure a mass capturing.

Students at the highschool posted indicators on Twitter and videos on Snapchat whilst the assault used to be nonetheless underway.

“There’s a real school shooting going on right now i’m not even playing i just heard 10 gunshots there’s police everything i’m shaking,” @Luvanth wrote at 2:42 p.m. Wednesday. That tweet brought about a Dataminr alert in lots of newsrooms, spurring information protection of the assault.

“I’m at a school shooting right now,” @Thecaptainaidan wrote at 2:59. This person additionally posted footage from the lockdown, that have now been observed all over the international.

In a picture of a bullet-strewn school room posted to Snapchat, a person identified, “there’s bullet holes in the f—ing computer.”

Several cell phone videos started to flow into straight away.

“My little brother just sent me this video of the swat team evacuating his classroom at stoneman douglas,” a person named Melody posted on Twitter.

Students might be observed elevating their palms within the air whilst the officials swarmed the room. Some of the scholars had been shaking with concern.

In some other video, emergency employees might be observed sporting one it seems that injured scholar out of a school room.

During the lockdown, scholars additionally texted family members. In some instances, they begged siblings and oldsters to name 911 for assist.

A user named Kaitlin posted what she mentioned had been texts from her sister inside the varsity.

“i am so scared kaitlin.”

“tell them i love them so much.”

“im so scared.”

“tell them i love them so so much.”

Kaitlin mentioned her sister survived. Seventeen scholars and academics died within the assault.

CNNMoney (New York) First revealed February 15, 2018: nine:30 AM ET

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