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Ask Slashdot: What Would Happen If Everything On the Internet Was DRM Protected?

dryriver writes: The entire Digital Rights Management (DRM) educate began with track and movies, unfold horribly to laptop and console video games (Steam, Origin), grew to become a large number of laptop device you need to as soon as buy-and-use into DRM-locked Software As A Service or Cloud Computing merchandise (Adobe, Autodesk, MS Office 365 for instance) which are unattainable to make use of with out an energetic Internet connection and account registration on a cloud provider someplace. Recently the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) seems to have paved the means for DRM to search out its means into the global of Internet content material in quite a lot of paperwork as smartly. Here’s the query: What would occur to the Internet as we understand it if on the subject of the whole lot on a web site — textual content, photographs, audio, video, scripts, video games, PDF paperwork, downloadable information and knowledge, you identify it — had DRM coverage and DRM usage-limitations hooked into it by way of default?

Imagine seeking to save a JPEG symbol you notice on a web site on your harddrive, and no longer best does each unmarried one in all your internet browsers refuse the request, however your OS’s screen-capture serve as would possibly not mean you can take a snapshot of that JPEG symbol both. Imagine seeking to copy-and-paste some textual content from a information article someplace right into a Slashdot submission field, and having browser DRM inform you ‘Sorry! The writer, copyright holder or writer of this article does no longer permit it to be quoted or re-published anyplace instead of the place it used to be at first printed!’. And then there’s the (micro-)bills facet of DRM. What if the DRM-fest that the long run Internet would possibly change into five to 10 years from now calls for you to make bills to a copyright holder for quoting, excerpting or re-publishing the rest of theirs by yourself webpage? Lets say for instance that you simply discovered some cool behind-the-scenes-video of ways Spiderman eight used to be filmed, and you wish to have to place that for your Internet weblog. Except that this video is DRM’d, and calls for you to pay zero.1 Cent every time any individual watches the video for your weblog. Or you wish to have to make use of a brief excerpt from a brand new scifi guide for your weblog, and the similar factor occurs — you want to pay to re-publish even four paragraphs of the guide. What then?

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