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Ask Slashdot: What Is Missing In Tech Today?

dryriver writes: There is such a lot tech and system information pouring out of the web on a daily basis that one may suppose “everything tech that is needed already exists.” But after all, other folks idea exactly that at quite a lot of issues in human historical past, after which utterly new equipment, applied sciences, processes, designs, units and inventions got here alongside quickly after and altered the whole thing. Sometimes the other additionally occurs: tech that used to be in reality excellent for its day and used to exist is all at once not to be had. For instance, many of us pass over the very usable Psion palmtop computer systems with their foldout QWERTY keyboards, touchscreens, and styluses; or would have appreciated the Commodore Amiga with its leading edge customized chips and OS to proceed present and evolving; or would have appreciated so that you could stay the use of tool like Softimage XSI or Adobe Director, which have been all at once discontinued.

So here’s the query: what tech, on your explicit occupation, business, private space of pastime, or medical or instructional box, is recently “missing?” This may also be tech this is wanted however does now not exist but, both or tool, or some roughly mechanical tool or procedure. It is also tech that used to be to be had up to now, however used to be EOL’d or “End Of Lifed” and not got here again in an up to date or advanced shape. Bonus query: if what you are feeling is “missing” may just rather feasibly be engineered, produced, and bought nowadays at a benefit, what do you suppose is the rationale it’s not to be had?

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