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Ask Slashdot: How Would You Use Computers To Make Elections Better?

shanen writes: Regarding politics, is there anything else that Americans agree on? If so, it is almost certainly one thing damaging like “The system is broken,” or “The leading candidates are terrible,” and even “Your state is a shithole.” With all our fancy generation, what is going on improper? Our computer systems are growing issues, no longer answers. For instance, gerrymandering relies on fancy computers to rig the maps. Negative campaigning more and more is determined by computer systems to focus on the assaults on explicit citizens. Even global assaults exploit the web to interfere into elections around the globe. Here are 3 of my instructed answers, regardless that I will’t consider any of as of late’s politicians would ever toughen anything else alongside those traces:

(1) Guest balloting: If you hate your district, you need to vote in a neighboring district. The extra they gerrymander, the fewer predictable the election effects.
(2) Results-based weighting: The successful applicants get extra balloting energy within the legislature, reflecting what number of people in truth voted for them. If you win an uneventful and uncontested election the place few other people vote, then a part of your vote within the legislature can be transferred to the winners who additionally had extra actual votes.
(three) Negative balloting: A voter may use an digital poll to make it particular that the vote is damaging, no longer sure. The candidate with probably the most sure or fewest damaging votes nonetheless wins, but when the election has too many damaging votes, then that “winner” can be penalized, most likely with a part time period quite than a complete time period.

What wild and loopy concepts do you could have for the usage of computer systems to make elections higher, no longer worse?

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