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Another Day, Another Intel CPU Security Hole: Lazy State

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, writing for ZDNet: The newest Intel revelation, Lazy FP state restore, can theoretically pull data from your programs, including encryption software, from your computer regardless of your operating system. Like its forebears, it is a speculative execution vulnerability. In an interview, Red Hat Computer Architect Jon Masters defined: “It impacts Intel designs very similar to variant Three-a of the former stuff, however it is NOT Meltdown.” Still, “it allows the floating point registers to be leaked from another process, but alas that means the same registers as used for crypto, etc.” Lazy State does no longer impact AMD processors.

This vulnerability exists as a result of fashionable CPUs come with many registers (inner reminiscence) that constitute the state of every working utility. Saving and restoring this state when switching from one utility to some other takes time. As a efficiency optimization, this can be accomplished “lazily” (i.e., when wanted) and that’s the place the issue hides. This vulnerability exploits “lazy state restore” by way of permitting an attacker to acquire details about the job of different packages, together with encryption operations. Further studying: BleepingComputer, and HotHardware.

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