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Alcatel Go Play Review: Pricing, Specs, Features Compared

Alcatel Go Play Review: Pricing, Specs, Features Compared

Most reasonable smartphones have utilitarian designs, however that’s no longer a grievance you’ll make of the Alcatel Go Play, which opts for an excessively 80s-feeling neon again at the telephone, with a easy flat face. Whether that is a good or a damaging goes to rely on your own tastes. On the tool entrance, in the meantime, Alcatel’s fundamental Google launcher makes use of rounded icons that lack panache. While the truth it is Android method you’ll pores and skin it as you prefer, out of the field it’s somewhat garish.

When it got here to trying out the Go Play’s waterproof features, we’ll admit we had our doubts as to how powerful a $299 smartphone would if truth be told be. Nevertheless, the Go Play survived the whole thing we threw at it, together with a couple of underwater dunkings. It makes use of the similar manner because the Samsung Galaxy S5, with a protecting flap over the microSD charging port that must be close off to offer protection to its internals. You will also have some success running it whilst immersed; we famous that whilst taking pictures of it below a faucet, the go with the flow of water used to be ready to cause onscreen parts.

Of direction, water-resistance is handiest going to take you up to now. Alcatel’s advertising and marketing symbol of the Go Play within the bubble tub would possibly provide the affect it’s bath-friendly. It’s a tad extra complicated than that; whilst the Go Play is IP67 rated, that’s for immersion in contemporary water. Chances are cheap that it could continue to exist a handy guide a rough dip within the scorching suds, however technically it’s handiest “proof” towards blank water, no longer anything else with cleaning soap (or salt, chlorine, or the rest) in it.

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