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AJ Styles’ WWE theme song was meant for another TNA superstar

Now this can be a very sudden reality certainly!

News 17 May 2018, 11:58 IST

AJ Styles' WWE theme song was meant for another TNA superstar


Here's an amazing fact about Styles' theme song!
Here’s an awesome reality about Styles’ theme song!

What’s the tale?

In the most recent version of Table for three, Jeff Jarrett stuck up with Road Dogg and Elias for dinner and dialog. During the process the similar, an overly attention-grabbing subject emerged.

It was printed that AJ Styles’ WWE theme song was at the beginning meant for James Storm as an alternative. Storm would move in a distinct route and the song sooner or later went to Styles.

In case you did not know…

Both AJ Styles and James Storm are males who put TNA at the map. AJ Styles effectively forayed to WWE after an extended stint outdoor the corporate and has long gone from one milestone to another. He is these days the reigning and protecting WWE Champion.

Cowboy James Storm is a seasoned TNA unique who’s highest recognized for his runs in America’s Most Wanted and Beer Money, Inc. He had a short lived stint in NXT as neatly, what didn’t pan out right into a full-fledged run.

The middle of the subject

During the process the dialog, Jarrett spoke of AJ Styles’ theme songs in TNA. He went on to discuss Styles’ WWE theme song and the way it had a ‘wow’ issue. At this level, Road Dogg chimed in. He discussed how the theme was meant for James Storm to begin with:

That was at the beginning written and advanced for James Storm. And James handed on it and he went a distinct route, and AJ stepped in and it simply labored out completely.

Storm, in fact, returned to Impact Wrestling after a couple of months in NXT. James Storm has since give up the corporate along side a number of different abilities.

What’s subsequent?

It continues to be noticed if James Storm would signal with WWE someplace down the road. It could be cool to look a Beer Money, Inc. reunion. Bobby Roode is, in the end, a longtime WWE superstar at this level.

Author’s take

I will be able to’t consider James Storm strolling out to Styles’ theme in truth. I am approach too used to his trademark- ‘sorry about your rattling success’ theme song!

I think the whole thing performed out for the most productive sooner or later!

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