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ACLU wants changes in Idaho after student voter flyer

ACLU wants changes in Idaho after student voter flyer


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REXBURG, Idaho — The ACLU has demanded the state of Idaho make changes after notices posted outdoor vote casting places close to BYU-Idaho in Rexburg.

The notices led to some other folks alarm and fear Tuesday. The flyers said, “As a student, you should not be registering and voting in your college locale simply because you failed to register and vote at your true domicile.”

Workers on the Madison County Clerk’s Office stated the ones notices come down from the Secretary of State.

It’s lovely not unusual for them to be posted, however they generally tend to throw some other folks off.

“I had about 10 different colleagues all share the flyer and their concerns with what was going on,” stated Felicia Herway.

An Idaho voter herself, Herway stated lawsuits about it made the rounds on social media.

“I think they were worried that students were being intimidated by it, and that they wouldn’t go vote,” she stated.

The word additionally stated, “It should be noted that there is no federal right to vote anywhere in the United States for the office of President.”

The ACLU of Idaho demanded the flyers be got rid of. In a letter to the Idaho Secretary of State, the ACLU stated:

“While this is a puzzling inclusion as this is a midterm election, it is completely galling for such a post to be made within a polling place, as there is most certainly a federal right to vote.”

Madison County Clerk Kim Muir stated scholars can harm scholarship or tuition standing in the event that they check in clear of house.

“We just want students to be informed before they vote, and know the consequences of what pulling their residency from their home state is going to do,” stated Muir.

“We get calls from offended oldsters nearly each and every election, yelling at us.” – Kim Muir, county clerk

She stated scholars continuously didn’t notice the result of adjusting their residency.

“We get calls from angry parents almost every election, yelling at us. (They say), ‘ why did you let my students vote? Why didn’t you tell them what this is going to do?’ Especially some from like Alaska, where they’re paid a certain amount of money to be a resident of the state of Alaska. If they register here, it ruins their residency up there.”

Herway stated electorate simply want to do their section and be told.

“It comes with voting too. Don’t listen to everybody’s voices, listen to yourself, and what you feel is right,” stated Herway.

The Madison County Clerk stated that knowledge inside the flyer is necessary, however that the state will probably be having a look on the language in the ones notices to expectantly cause them to much less complicated in the long run.

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