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A Single Line of Computer Code Put Thousands of Innocent Turks in Jail


Long-time Slashdot reader kbahey writes:
Can a unmarried pixel value you your livelihood and/or freedom? Apparently, this has already took place in Turkey to hundreds of folks and their kinfolk. It all stems from the purge through president Edrogan following a failed coupe. The result’s that many innocent people lost their jobs (and source of income), their freedom, their reputation, and more.

The main points are horrifying. The underlying era is the use of 1×1 clear pixels, as maximum internet websites do, to trace their guests. This specific pixel used to be utilized by Bylock, a messaging app that the Turkish govt deemed seditious, in their purge in opposition to Fethullah Gulen loyalists. Pre-dawn raids through police have been performed on those that have this pixel. The lengthy felony complaints led to a virtual forensic knowledgeable to problem the ones circumstances, as a result of [the pixel using] the servers for Bylock used to be additionally being utilized by different programs for track streaming, and prayer occasions/course of Mecca.
30,000 blameless folks will have been swept up some of the 150,000 Turks detained, arrested or pressured from their jobs below state of emergency decrees for the reason that summer season of 2016. One 29-year-old highschool trainer “wished the worst” for the revolutionaries accused of the use of Bylock, “until authorities said he was one of them.”

The govt in the end exonerated 11,480 of the wrongly accused, however some had already spent months in jail, and reportedly some even dedicated suicide.


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