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8 protesters arrested at Utah office of private prison company with contracts to hold undocumented immigrants

Centerville • Police have arrested 8 protesters who disrupted the workplaces of a Utah-based industry that operates private prisons that hold undocumented immigrants, hard the Management and Training Corporation withdraw from its contracts with the federal government in an instant.

About 25 protesters entered the development at Marketplace Business Park at 500 North and 400 West at 7:45 a.m. Thursday, some ready to chain themselves to the construction. When Centerville police arrived and informed the protesters to go away, about 15 of them did.

Centerville Police Lt. Zan Robinson stated officials waited about two hours sooner than making arrests. He stated final protesters used restraint gadgets to connect themselves to the development and to every different; some hooked up themselves to a wheelchair utilized by a member of the crowd. Officers labored slowly to take the protesters into custody with out hurting them, he stated.

“There’s one with a device around her neck, so it’s very tricky,” he stated.

Taylor Goldstein, the crowd’s designated spokesperson, stated sooner than the arrests that the protestors felt an ethical accountability to act.

Management and Training Corporation is “operating immigrant detention centers,” Goldstein stated, and “they say that they do not house children, but they are still separating families by taking mothers and fathers away from their children. Even if they’re not detaining children, it’s not OK. They’re still separating children.”

The company didn’t in an instant remark. According to a statement on its website, MTC operates Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities in Calexico, Calif., Chaparral, New Mexico, and Livingston, Texas. It stated it does no longer hold kids or minors at its amenities, and gives grownup detainees get admission to to clinical and prison sources and voluntary game and different actions.

Five protesters stood outdoor the development all the way through the arrests, preserving indicators proclaiming “Stop separating families” and chanting, “No justice, no peace.” A center-aged guy drove through, caught his head out his automotive window and shouted, “Hurray for ICE.” Another driving force shouted, “Go home.”

Robinson ahd previous stated the crowd didn’t do anything else violent. “They’ve been intimidating people as they come in and out of the building,” he stated. “But they have not put their hands on anybody. We don’t believe they’re going to cause any injury or harm.”

Officers and protesters had “a good dialogue,” Robinson said before the arrests. “We’ve told them that they can be charged with trespassing. But, ultimately, we just hope that they’ll leave and take their protest to a public location where it’s lawful.”

Robinson added: “We do encourage protests, but not at private places that don’t want you there. There’s a time and a place to protest, and it’s not in somebody’s business.”

The protesters had been at the first and 2d flooring of the development; employees within the higher flooring had been informed to “shelter in place” to “stay everyone separated,” Robinson stated.

Goldstein learn a remark that stated Management and Training Corporation, headquartered in Centerville and owned through Utah citizens Scott and Jane Marquardt, is the third-largest private prison company within the United States. It has proposed opening a brand new immigrant detention facility in Evanston, Wyo., she added.

“We should not have a reputation. We’re only a crew of involved neighborhood participants,” she stated. “We simply could not take it anymore. We felt that we had to do one thing.

“I’m Mexican-American and Jewish, and that’s why that is essential to me,” stated Goldstein, 26, who lives in Salt Lake City.

And a lot of the crowd’s anger is targeted at the house owners of MTC.

“I think it’s really important to hold the Marquardts accountable,” Goldstein stated. “They call themselves activists. They donate to a lot of progressive causes. And I think that needs to be called out. There’s no amount of money you can throw at progressive causes that will undo the damage caused by profitting off of private prisons.”

The crew is hard that MTC drop its plans for the Evanston facility; prevent profitting from private prisons; and make stronger decriminalizing immigrants.

The Tribune is continuous to replace this growing tale.

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