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5 legends who have never been in the Royal Rumble

These 5 WWE legends have never seemed at a Royal Rumble fit.

The Royal Rumble match
The Royal Rumble fit

Royal Rumble may simply be the 2d maximum prestigious WWE PPV after Wrestlemania and is arguably forward of Summerslam and Survivor Series in its significance. Royal Rumble is characterized through the 30 guy over the most sensible rope combat royal which grants the winner a shot at the WWE identify at Wrestlemania.

While the Rumble winners of previous have been assured to major tournament that yr’s Wrestlemania, the status has reduced in the fresh years. The most up-to-date winner — Randy Orton, along different fresh winners like Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio — didn’t sniff the major tournament at that yr’s ‘Mania.

But that being mentioned, competing in the Royal Rumble fit is an issue of delight for the WWE superstars, and with 30 contributors concerned, nearly everyone seems to be assured to be a part of the fit 365 days or the different.

This checklist takes a take a look at 5 WWE legends who have never competed in a Rumble fit.

#1 Brian Pillman

Brian Pillman
Brian Pillman used to be an out of this world athlete

Brian Pillman used to be considered one of the most fun superstars in all of wrestling throughout the mid-1990s. After making a reputation for himself in WCW after which cementing his popularity in ECW, Pillman in any case signed with the WWE in 1996.

Pillman used to be convalescing from an car coincidence at the time and he opted to have surgical operation to fix his ankle in 1997. This supposed that he used to be on the shelf when the 1997 Rumble got here alongside.

Pillman would make his in-ring debut a couple of months afterwards and grow to be a member of the Hart Foundation. However, the Cincinnati local tragically misplaced his existence on October 05, 1997, with out ever collaborating in a Royal Rumble.

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