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5 crazy Chelsea facts that will blow your mind

5 crazy Chelsea facts that will blow your mind


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5 crazy Chelsea facts that will blow your mind

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21 Oct 2018, 18:34 IST

What would have happened to Chelsea if Roman purchased Spurs?
What would have came about to Chelsea if Roman bought Spurs?

Chelsea is among the greatest and maximum a hit golf equipment in Europe with a wealthy historical past within the 21st century following the takeover from Roman Abramovich.

Even ahead of the takeover, the Blues gained a handful of trophies and had a large number of memorable moments etched in soccer historical past. For example, in 1971, they performed a membership from Luxembourg, Jeunesse Hautcharage, in a Cup Winners’ Cup stumble upon and gained the tie 21-Zero on mixture and to these days, that’s the best possible margin on mixture in any European pageant.

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The ridiculous win over Jeunesse Hautcharage and the truth that Abramovich sought after to take over Spurs are a few of many crazy facts in Chelsea’s historical past. However, the next 5 Chelsea facts from the archives will most certainly depart your mouth broad open.

#5 They as soon as performed a Premier League recreation dressed in the oppositions away package

Chelsea players in the Coventry kit
Chelsea gamers within the Coventry package

On nine April 1997, Chelsea performed Coventry City away in a Premier League tournament at Highfield Road however the Blues didn’t put on their conventional blue package or their away package.

Coventry, the house facet, performed of their conventional gentle blue package and Chelsea travelled for the sport with most effective their Blue house kits. The referee felt that the 2 house kits clashed and due to this fact, the kick-off was once behind schedule via 15 mins to get to the bottom of the subject.

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Since the Blues didn’t have their away package with them, they got two choices – put on the pink and black checked away package of Coventry or forfeit the tournament. Obviously, Ruud Gullit’s facet took the previous possibility however they misplaced the sport Three-1 regardless of taking the lead.

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5 crazy Chelsea facts that will blow your mind

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