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4 LGBTQ groups say they have been denied participation in Provo freedom parade


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PROVO — The identical day that America’s Freedom Festival in Provo followed a nondiscrimination coverage, 4 LGBTQ groups say they had been denied registration to take part in the development’s Fourth of July parade.

Troy Williams, government director for Equality Utah, stated Provo PFlag, Provo Pride, Mormons Building Brides and the Encircle House had been rejected Wednesday when they attempted to enroll in the development.

“It’s against the best values of our nation,” Williams stated.

An software from Encircle House used to be additionally denied final yr.

Wednesday morning, Provo town officers introduced they had signed a brand new contract with America’s Freedom Festival that integrated a nondiscrimination clause.

“As part of this process, the Freedom Festival has evaluated and refined several elements pertaining to the parade. Their effort has been to maintain a high-quality parade while ensuring best practices are followed and that both the spirit and letter of legal restrictions are followed,” town officers stated in a press unencumber.

An further information unencumber from match officers pronouncing the parade’s grand marshals and different individuals stated that upon overview, “22 applications were deemed outside the parameters of the parade guidelines. All have been invited to participate and serve as volunteers in the parade and other Freedom Festival events.”

Williams says the disconnect between the phrases and movements of parade and town officers is “astonishing.”

Deputy Mayor of Provo Isaac Paxman issued a commentary Wednesday evening in regards to the factor, pronouncing nondiscrimination clauses restrict candidates from being rejected in response to elements like faith, race and sexual orientation, however that such clauses do not ensure any person acceptance to a role “or a parade.”

“In the employment international, anti-discrimination clauses do not give any person a proper to be employed. Similarly, this clause does not give any person a proper to be in the parade.

“An employer can turn you down for having gunk in your teeth, no matter what your race or religion is. The parade can turn you down because they want more bagpipes this year or because they think your float is ugly — or for all kinds of other reasons,” he wrote.

Williams and Equality Utah known as the verdict discrimination.

“The organizers of the festival need to ask themselves: Do they support liberty and justice for all, or just some? The Fourth of July is a celebration for all Americans — including LGBTQ Utahns. We have fought hard to earn the rights and privileges of citizenship. This staggering bigotry is unbecoming of both Provo and Utah,” Williams stated.

4 LGBTQ groups say they have been denied participation in Provo freedom parade

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