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3 fish species have infested Kolob Reservoir. Know who put them there? You could get $3K


KOLOB RESERVOIR, Washington County — Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officers have to kill and restock the fish in a reservoir for the 3rd time in a month after some other fish species used to be illegally presented.

Kolob Reservoir will briefly shut from Oct. 14 to Nov. 1 for a rotenone remedy, a chemical this is frequently used for killing off fish when invasive species are launched into reservoirs and lakes and disrupt the ecosystem, consistent with a Utah Division of Wildlife Resources information free up. After all of the fish are killed off, they’re got rid of from the water and natural world officers can restock wholesome fish to develop and repopulate the frame of water.

Rotenone is simplest threatening to the fish, to not other folks, pets or natural world.

Kolob Reservoir is most often identified for its provide of cutthroat, brook and rainbow trout, consistent with the DWR website. But this summer season, biologists discovered invasive species of bluegill, yellow perch and inexperienced sunfish within the reservoir, natural world officers stated in a information free up. The invasive species prey on and compete with the trout for meals, leading to smaller fish sizes and a diminished inhabitants.

A $3,000 praise is being introduced for info that ends up in the conviction of the individual who illegally presented the fish into Kolob Reservoir, natural world officers stated. If convicted, the individual would possibly have to pay for the price of treating the reservoir, which is estimated to be between $15,000- $20,000 consistent with DWR officers.

Drought has led to water ranges at Kolob Reservoir to drop so it’s just right timing for additional reducing the water ranges after which doing the remedy, officers stated. The water ranges are recently so low that boats can now not be introduced into the reservoir, consistent with the DWR website. Wildlife officers stated they are going to stay water ranges low for the rotenone remedy so they are able to extra simply accumulate the useless fish.

For anglers, the day-to-day trout catch restrict has been raised to 8 and bait fishing has been allowed till the remedy starts. Wildlife officers are encouraging other folks to catch and stay extra fish since they are going to be killed off by means of the remedy quickly.

In 2015, a rotenone remedy used to be completed in Gunlock Reservoir in Washington County and proved a hit, which used to be one issue that resulted in the verdict to regard Kolob Reservoir, officers stated.

“Today, Gunlock is recovering,” the DWR news release stated. “It’s currently a thriving sport fishery for largemouth bass, bluegill sunfish and black crappie.”

This is the 3rd frame of water in Utah being closed because of a rotenone remedy in October. Pelican and Maple Lake are also being treated and closed after an infestation of not unusual carp and goldfish, respectively.


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