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10,000 Year Clock below building

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A clock designed to bustle for ten millennia without human intervention is now below building.

The ten,000 Year Clock is a project of the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit organisation that want to raze “long-term thinking more general”.

It’s miles being constructed on assets owned by means of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, below a mountain within the heart of a desert in Texas,

There is also these days no of completion date scheduled for the project.

The clock’s writer, American inventor Danny Hillis, first publicly shared the realization that during an essay for Wired in 1995.

In it, he describes his vision of a timepiece that ticks as soon as once a year, with a century hand that strikes suitable as soon as each 100 years and a cuckoo that emerges each 1,000.

The clock is designed to take energy from adjustments in temperature to energy its timekeeping equipment, according to the Long Now Foundation. Nonetheless that is now no longer going to be in a position to retailer plentiful energy to impart the time till visitors “wind” it with a hand-turned wheel.

Bezos shared a video of the clock’s building on Twitter on Tuesday:

The project has attracted the reinforce of influential artists and thinkers in addition to to Bezos, whose contribution of $42 million (£30m) makes him its largest financial backer.

British musician Brian Eno, illustrious for his ambient compositions, has constructed a mechanical melody generator that can raze a various chime collection on day-to-day foundation for 10,000 years. Cherish the clock arms, the chimes will absolutely paintings if visitors energy the clock.

The indispensable prototype of the clock, which was carried out in 1999, is now on impart on the Science Museum in London.

In step with the Long Now Foundation, visitors can be in a position to hike to the site to go looking the accomplished product.

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