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10 reasons why 2019 is the year of the cryptocurrency 51% attack


ETC kicked off the year-long 51% attack competition in taste, and there is masses extra the place that got here from.

2019 shall be the year of the 51% attack, suggests David Vorick of Siacoin and Obelisk mining.

There are no less than 10 reasons why.

1. Hashrate marketplaces

The talent to hire mining energy from hashrate marketplaces, maximum particularly Nicehash, will proceed to make assaults more straightforward.

This may also be idea of as a perfect giant pool of mining energy which may also be accessed on call for, as a result of that is precisely what it is.

Vorick places it into point of view:

“Before hashrate marketplaces existed, attacking a cryptocurrency with 100,000 GPUs defending it more or less required owning 100,000 GPUs. Attacks of that scale would require many tens of millions of dollars to execute… After the development of hashrate marketplaces, the same 100,000 GPUs can be rented for several hours at a cost of just tens of thousands of dollars.”

2. More ASICs are being launched

ASIC miners are high-powered mining machines, and they are nonetheless being constructed.

juicy crypto wordsAs time passes you get extra ASIC machines on the marketplace. And 2018 has supplied some very transparent trails of reason and impact the place the liberate of a brand new ASIC miner for a definite set of rules is adopted by means of 51% assaults.

Of contemporary be aware, Vorick says, are ASICs for Ethash and Equihash.

Ethereum Classic recently got chewed up by a 51% attack amidst rumours of a brand new Ethash ASIC miner. Equihash ASICs delivered an much more abject lesson, with Bitcoin Gold, and ZenCash and Bitcoin Private (all Equihash) falling like dominos after the an Equihash ASIC hit the markets.

The primary explanation why ASIC miners go away such a lot of cryptocurrencies prone is not just as a result of miners use them to at once attack. Rather, this is because they flood Nicehash with much more provide, which dramatically lowers the value of renting that hashrate for that set of rules. The consequence is that an ASIC liberate virtually immediately makes any coin of that set of rules a lot more prone.

three. Too many forks and an excessive amount of sharing of mining algorithms

Making your individual mining set of rules is so much of paintings. It’s a lot more straightforward to simply fork any other coin, or to re-use a mining set of rules you notice in other places. There are not any indicators of this pattern abating in 2019.

The most evident explanation why this results in 51% assaults is as it approach round the similar quantity of hashing energy is being shared between extra cash, leaving each and every of them extra prone.

This is exacerbated with some other extra insidious vulnerability regardless that, Vorick notes. Sharing mining algorithms reasons further breakdowns of “incentive compatibility.” This is the idea which says the incentives of person members are aligned with the ones of the community as an entire.

The concept is miner would not need to attack the cryptocurrency they are mining as a result of they possibility harmful the price of their apparatus and cryptocurrency. But when that very same miner can use their equipment to attack any other cryptocurrency, they do not have that impediment.

four. Attackers have got a lot more subtle

The cryptocurrency growth of overdue 2017 noticed so much of folks take note of the business for the first time, and 2018 used to be extremely instructional for lots of folks. In different phrases there are extra folks with the abilities to hold out a 51% attack as of late than there have been a year in the past. This actually approach there are extra 51% attackers searching for objectives now.

At the similar time, extra professional attackers can flip a benefit the place a much less professional attacker can not.

Although they are repeatedly referred to as “double spend” assaults, Vorick notes that on the extra subtle finish they may also be a triple or quadruple spend attack.

five. Mining farms stay getting greater

Economies of scale rule the mining business, so mining farms simply get larger and larger. And with their economies of scale, they are additionally the possibly to live on downturns.

There at the moment are many farms with over 10,000 mining machines, a handful with over 100,000 machines and no less than one with smartly over 500,000 gadgets.

Correspondingly, which means in case your cryptocurrency has fewer than 10,000 machines operating on it it may be trivially and single-handedly knocked over by means of a of mining farms. If it has fewer than part 1,000,000 machines operating on it, it is nonetheless prone.

6. The endure marketplace slashed costs

Falling cryptocurrency costs have made video playing cards much more reasonably priced. That’s just right information for players and attackers alike. It’s additionally made ASIC miners extra reasonably priced, and each mining company that is going out of industry approach some other new hearth sale on mining equipment.

At the similar time there are so much of newly cash-strapped firms with hashrate to spare and each explanation why to release a 51% attack the place conceivable.

As cryptocurrency costs fall it is gotten a lot more straightforward to release a 51% attack.

7. The endure marketplace slashed cryptocurrency costs

Miner block rewards resolve how a lot hashrate their networks can give a boost to. These are a mixture of programmed tokenomics (three tokens in keeping with block each 10 mins on moderate – that sort of factor) and crypto costs.

If crypto costs fall an excessive amount of a community can not give a boost to as many miners, and so its hashrate will fall and its safety shall be weakened.

A cryptocurrency’s prices must match its miner block rewards. If there is a mismatch or a coin’s costs all of sudden drop too a ways, a cryptocurrency would possibly all of sudden turned into prone.

eight. It’s more straightforward to quick crypto markets

As the cryptocurrency buying and selling and trade scene persisted to develop in 2018, it introduced much more alternatives to quick a wider vary of cryptos. This gifts a brand new means of benefiting from a 51% attack.

It additionally gifts some new alternatives to make use of hashrate for issues instead of 51% assaults. With permutations similar to empty block mining or egocentric mining you don’t want a complete 51% of a community’s hashrate to detrimentally have an effect on it. This makes extra cash at risk of extra assaults, and creates additional incentives to move for those sorts of assaults.

nine. More exchanges, extra objectives

Cryptocurrency exchanges would possibly have proliferated quite than declined in 2018, and extra exchanges approach extra money and extra objectives for double spends in 51% assaults.

This no longer simplest gifts extra alternatives for low placing fruit in exchanges with insufficient affirmation necessities, however too can make it more straightforward for an attacker to triple, quadruple, and so forth, their spend by means of hitting a couple of exchanges concurrently.

10. Because it is now 2019

2018 was the year of 51% attacks, however now it is 2019 and it is nonetheless the year of 51% assaults. Plus, the Ethereum Classic attack and subsequent refund drama ushered in the new year with an actual bang that is going to be onerous to overcome.

Dash is having a look mighty prone regardless that.

A single entity has controlled more than 51% of Dash’s hashrate for a bit over 6 months now. And coincidentally, one mining pool took 51% control of ETC about 6 months earlier than it used to be struck by means of a 51% attack.

Disclosure: At the time of writing the writer holds ETH

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